INDIVIDUAL Lesson Policies

The following represents lesson policies for Stages Music Arts (“Stages”). Lessons are booked in 30 or 60-minute intervals.

•  Credit Card - We require a current major credit card (MC/VISA/Amex) to be stored in our secure point of sale system. All weekly recurring lessons and enrollments which require monthly payment will be automatically billed to the card on file on the 1st of each month. Alternatively, a customer may pay monthly by cash or check. A refundable security deposit is required for cash and check payment options. A security deposit is the value of one month of lessons.

Tuition - In order to secure a weekly recurring time slot, tuition must be paid in full each month. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is automatically charged to the credit card on file. Payments are considered late if not received by the 7th day of the month and a late fee of $20.00 will be charged to your account. If your card is declined, we will attempt to contact you. If we cannot get in contact with you by the next scheduled lesson, the student will be removed from the schedule, and you will be billed for the unpaid lessons and late fees. Repeat "no shows" may result in removal from the schedule without tuition reimbursement.

Scheduling - All scheduling must be made through Stages staff or software, NOT instructors. All scheduling requests made via email require Stages staff confirmation for the change(s) to take effect.

Student Cancellation Policy - Stages cannot provide a make-up for same day cancellations. Tuition for missed lessons is nonrefundable. This includes cancellations and absences related to sickness, emergencies, and traffic.

Make-Up Policy - Lessons cancelled in accordance with our cancellation policy may be rescheduled. All make-up lessons must be redeemed within 90 days. After the 90-day window, the lesson is forfeited. Stages cannot refund or prorate for missed lessons or apply the amount towards other Stages services.

Weather Policy - In the event of a delay or closing due to inclement weather, Stages uses email as an initial contact with students, parents, and guardians. We may also use phone and text messaging, depending on the situation. Classes or lessons cancelled due to an official closing will be rescheduled.

Termination - This agreement will automatically renew each month and will remain in effect until written notice is given of intent to terminate. If you choose to terminate lessons, you must notify Stages no later than the 20th of the month prior to the month you wish to terminate. For example, if you'd like to stop taking lessons in January you must notify Stages no later than December 20th. Termination notice must be given via email to the following address: info© Notice provided to anyone other than the aforementioned, including any private lesson instructor, does not qualify as notice under this agreement. If you terminate lessons, your lesson day, time, and teacher will not be held for you. Refunds cannot be given for unused lessons.

Refunds - If you decide to stop taking lessons, subject to the exceptions stated herein, Stages will issue a refund for the unused lessons.

Teacher Cancellation Policy - In the event that a Stages instructor cancels on the day of a lesson, Stages will promptly find a suitable substitute teacher. If we cannot find a substitute teacher (or a student opts out), we will offer to reschedule the lesson. If neither option accommodates, Stages will issue a refund for the canceled lesson.

Media Release - I give Stages Music Arts permission to record my participation and appearance on digital or film photography, video, audio, or any recorded medium. My name, likeness, voice, and other material and information in connection with such recordings may be used in or for Stages written, electronic, and web publications, promotional materials, including social media and apps. Such recordings may be reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed and/or publicly performed in print, electronic, or any other medium in whole or in print.

Non-Discrimination - The Stages community is deeply committed to equity, honesty, kindness, and respect as part of our musical and educational experience. We celebrate diversity within our community, are concerned for the well-being of all people, seek to build the self-esteem of all people, and aspire to promote the understanding of all people. Stages does not condone any behavior which is inconsistent with these tenets and has a zero - tolerance policy for such acts. We believe that it is unacceptable for our spoken and written language and behavior to demean anyone's physical characteristics, as well as anyone's ethnic, gender, personal, racial, religious, or sexual identities.

Holidays - Stages Music Arts will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Day

Monthly tuition will be prorated for lessons that occur on these dates.