Jessica Crutchfield

Jessica  Crutchfield

Rate Information:

30 / 60 minute lessons
Hourly: $30.00 / $60.00
Monthly: $118.00 / $236.00


  • Clarinets - Beginner
  • Flute - Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • French Horn - Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Trumpet - Beginner Intermediate

About Me

Jess offers 15 years of diverse experience performing and studying music. As a young student she chose flute as her primary instrumental study, leading her to all-county performances and solo opportunities, and eventually attending Towson University concentrating in that.  After 10 years of playing flute, Jess became enamored with the unique tone of the French horn. A lifetime dedicated to instrumental music study made for quick work learning the horn as her new primary instrument at Towson University. She has been playing for 5 years and professionally performs in a variety of capacities – from community bands to symphony orchestras to small ensembles, here in Maryland and abroad. She currently plays with Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra and Baltimore Brass Quintet, and teaches full-time in Baltimore County Public Schools as an elementary school band and orchestra director.


Jess received her Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Towson University, where she performed with the TU Symphonic Band in Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy in 2014. After graduating, Jess spent a year in Sydney, Australia for travel, teaching, and performing. She performed with the Sydney Wind Symphony, the Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and the Northern Beaches Orchestra, all while tutoring 20 private students ranging all classical band instruments. In May 2015 she had the honor to appraise several primary school bands and run a workshop with those groups at the Northern Beaches Annual Music Festival, as well as guest-tutor the Sydney Northern Beaches Band Camp on French Horn.


This accomplished and varied background, coupled with her skill as a multi-instrumentalist, allows Jess to teach a wide range of instrumental techniques to all aspiring wind and brass students.  While her energy and passion inspires her students, her philosophy is that “anyone can do it – only those with discipline can succeed.”


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