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Instrument Repair Services

High-quality, affordable repairs for fretted instruments.

Request a Repair

Request a Repair

For Baltimore-area musicians and music students looking for prompt and convenient instrument and amplifier repair, Stages Music Arts has got you covered. Our instrument repair professionals offer high-quality, affordable repairs for amps and fretted instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, basses and ukuleles, from a simple restring to a major repair.

Our Services:


Excludes price of strings.

  • Standard electric, acoustic and bass guitars: $20
  • Twelve string electric guitars: $30
  • Classical guitars and ukuleles: $25
  • Electric guitars with Floyd Rose systems: $45

Guitar & Bass Set-up

Includes restring, neck, action, and intonation adjustments, tuning, and basic cleaning. Excludes price of strings.

  • Standard electric guitars and bass guitars: $75
  • Electric guitars with Floyd Rose tremolos: $95
  • Acoustic guitars: $55


  • Install strap buttons: $20 + parts
  • Repair/replace a single tuner: $20 + parts
  • Replace electric guitar jack: $25 + parts
  • Replace potentiometer: $30 + parts (+$15 each additional potentiometer)
  • Install new set of tuners: $40 + parts
  • Replace switch: $40 + parts
  • Install single electronic pickup: $50 + parts (+$25 each additional pickup)

Amplifier Repair

We also offer a variety of amplifier repair services for which we charge an upfront diagnostic fee of $65. Repairs are made at a $65/hour bench rate, and the $65 diagnostic fee will count towards that hourly repair cost. Any parts needed will be an additional cost. Email us, stop by, or call (443) 353-5300 for more information.

Don’t see the repair you need on your list? Want to chat about your repair needs? Fill out a request form or give us a call to speak with our repair tech.