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Ally Johannsen

Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Mini Music Makers & Toddler Tunes Instructor

Ally Johannsen is an enthusiastic soprano who enjoys sharing her love of music with students of all ages. She found her passion for performing through musical theater and acting, and then pursued a degree in voice performance from Towson University. Ally teaches that healthy, tension-free vocal technique is an essential foundation for all styles of singing, and encourages students to explore their own musical interests in their lessons as they wish. She also believes that the best teachers are those who are sensitive to their student’s personalities, creating for them a comfortable environment to explore their music with curiosity and expressivity.

Ally has studied Alexander Technique, a mind-body exercise intended to release tension in the body to optimize posture and breathing. Also a registered yoga instructor, her thorough understanding of the physical body and its influence on the vocal mechanism can empower students to trust their own breath, body, and voice during performances. She is eagerly motivated to work with all kinds of singers to help them develop their abilities, expand their musical knowledge, and show them how to stand proudly, both on and off the stage.


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