Stages Records

From the very beginning of Stages, one of the main objectives of Stages was to identify and nurture talented local musicians. The idea was to do this in a number of ways. First Stages could offer lessons, group jam sessions, and performance opportunities, all to help artists develop their craft. After the artists had developed themselves as players, Stages could offer help transforming these artists into recording artists through the use of the Stages Music Arts recording studios. Lastly the idea was, since Stages had been there every step of the way, why not bring it all full circle and act as a record label to help these new recording artists release and distribute their music. This is all how Stages Records was born. Stages records differs from any other record label out there in many ways but most notably that Stages Records is invested in the artists from the very beginning of their careers, and every step of the way. Stages Records has the best resources to help recording artists succeed with access to the Stages Music Arts recording studios and much more. To be considered to be part of the Stages Records roster, send an email requesting more information to