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Soundwave Scholars: Declan Fedor

“Soundwave Scholars” is a series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

This month’s selected artist is Declan Fedor, a student of Walsh Kunkel who has recently publishd his original song, Nameless Wanderer. Give it a listen!

Read on to learn more about Declan’s goals, inspirations, and experience with the EMP program here at Stages.

How did you get started with Electronic Music Production?

I was inspired to get into Electronic Music Production because of my favorite creator, Liam Vickers.

He mostly creates an animated series, but also makes electronic music that has an eerie sound with songs like Haze, Ink, and Don’t Step on that Dolphin.

I really want to make music like he does, so I’m trying my hardest here at Stages.

Can you share some key highlights from your lessons?

Definitely learning how to use Ableton and how to add risers, drums, orchestra, piano, and all of that.

It really makes me feel closer to achieving my goal as an artist.

What aspects of EMP do you find to be the most challenging or rewarding?

Aspects that I find difficult are that sometimes when you want something to sound the way it does in your head, it just doesn’t work, but it is really rewarding once you get it because then it can sound beautiful.

Are there specific artists or producers who have had a significant impact on your work?

I have two inspirations first is Liam Vickers, because his style is unique, and I just really connect with it.

My second inspiration is Camellia with songs like Tempo Katana, Ghost, and Light it Up that I was inspired by while playing Beat Saber.

What advice or lessons from your teacher have stuck with you the most?

Some advice that really stuck was from Mr. Walsh. He said to keep my beats or loops to four measures and it really helped make my music sound better.

What are your long-term goals as a producer?

To make music just like Camellia and Liam Vickers and hopefully make a hit song.

Do you have a specific direction or genre you aim to explore more deeply?

Rock because the bass is heavy and that could be fun. Maybe adding some vocals or aggressive screaming like Linkin Park.

Are there any dream collaborations or projects you aspire to work on in the future?

Dream collabs:
1. Liam Vickers (Literally my idol)
2. Camellia (That would be an honor)
3. Blanck Mass
4. Nanoo

What are some key technical or creative skills you’ve gained through your lessons?

Definitely being able to operate Ableton, Midi, and just computers in general.

Can you share a specific project where you applied something you learned in your lessons?

In my song Nameless Wanderer, where I experimented with risers, made a piano solo, used orchestra and kicks and drums. So yeah, learning all that definitely paid off.

How has your understanding of Electronic Music Production evolved since you started?

I went into this not even knowing how to operate an Apple mouse. It looked the same both ways and I was very confused. Up to where I’ve learned risers, how to operate Ableton and how to use so many different things, even the Apple mouse!

What inspires your creative process when working on a new track?

I have a nine hour playlist of electronic music alone and sometimes when I’m out of beats or ideas I just go through that.

Are there non-musical influences that find their way into your music?

In this creepy song I made, I recorded footsteps and crows.

How do you overcome creative blocks or challenges in your production?

Either by listening to new music or simply asking other students if I can listen to what they have and ask them how they made it.

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