Taso Kotsos


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Since the age of 15, Taso Kostos has been performing regularly, playing all styles of music: Rock, Pop/Dance, R&B, HipHop, Latin, and Jazz. For years, he played and toured with “Jesse & the Rippers” and even performed regularly on ABC television sitcom “Full House” with John Stamos. Taso is also an accomplished composer, having arranged music for feature film, video games, and television soundtracks. He is an expert in drum and rhythmic programming utilizing samples and loops and served as the technical consultant to Luis Conte, Madonna’s premier percussionist. Whether your interest lies in studying to be a pro player, or as a creative outlet, Taso’s lessons are always adapted specifically for the individual student. Every lesson is challenging and always fun! Be sure to ask Taso for a copy of his Drum Lesson Book, which he wrote for intermediate and advanced level students! It highlights a variety of beats and exercises for increased skill to prepare students for band performance and working at a pro level.