Benefits of Studying with a Substitute Teacher

Benefits of Studying with a Substitute Teacher

The ideal music teacher builds a strong connection with their students – developing trust, meeting students where they are, celebrating growth, boosting confidence and making the learning process fun, inspiring and challenging. When a teacher possesses these qualities it leads to an unbreakable bond, a perfect environment to grow, and an overall exceptional experience. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of studying with a substitute teacher. 

We have many talented teachers at Stages Music Arts – each one with their own unique strengths, interests and personalities – and pride ourselves on matching students with a teacher who will be the best fit for their goals. However, there are times when teachers have to be out – gigging, education and training, sick time and vacations all take teachers away from the lesson room from time to time.  

When a student’s regular teacher has to miss a lesson for any reason it is easy to resist the idea of working with a different instructor because it requires an open mind and willingness to leave the comfortable familiarity of the usual student-teacher relationship. This is a huge missed opportunity. 

Let’s say for example you want to become a world-class chef and the first meal you ever ate was pizza. You liked it so much that you decided to keep up a diet strictly of pizza. Now we can all agree that pizza is delicious, but there are many other cuisines in the world and sticking to just pizza means you are missing out on a wonderful selection of other tastes that may surprise, delight and inspire you. 

If you are open to trying new things it can lead to new skills, new perspectives, new inspiration and broadened horizons. We are fortunate to have so many talented musicians/teachers under one roof and encourage all of our students to embrace the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, learn about different approaches to music from different teachers, try something new and most importantly have fun!

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