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What is an Instrument Social?

What is an Instrument Social?

by: Jason Cohen

 “Instrument Socials” were created by Stages Music Arts with the mission of giving students an opportunity to meet each other, learn from each other, create community, share laughs, and build lifelong connections. 

I was lucky to grow up with about 15 close drummer friends. We used to watch drum videos, study from the same teacher, listen to music, go to each other’s concerts, and nerd out together about drum tuning and gear. It was an invaluable experience. I had my tribe. I had a purpose and drive and most importantly I was having fun which kept feeding back into my purpose, drive and desire to continue my craft for the next 22 years. 

I had friends to look up to and friends who looked up to me. They took me out of my comfort zone, empowered me to take risks, and gain the confidence to follow my dreams. I imagine I provided the same for them. I can’t describe how important this was for my growth as a musician but as a person.        

Knowing how much my drum buds changed the trajectory of my life I thought how silly it was that we have six drum teachers and most of the students haven’t met each other or the other teachers. So I set out to change that. Fortunately, Stages is such a unique place that not only do we have so many students in the same facility on a weekly basis we have the ability to host large groups of students in one room so this was a perfect situation to see if I could give that same opportunity I had growing up to all of our students.   

I’m happy to report our first social was at full capacity and it was a joy to see this vision come to life. Since then, we’ve hosted socials for guitarists, keyboardists and coming soon – vocalists. We plan to repeat these offerings 1-2 time a year per instrument to create continual opportunities for instrument specific community within the broader Stages family. 

So if you like fun, music, social interaction, making friends, learning, building confidence, being inspired, and being part of a community come hang with us at our next Instrument Social! Keep an eye on the Stages Event page for upcoming dates!

About Stages Music Arts:

Our mission is to help you find your unique voice by playing the music you love from the start. We strive to inspire students of all ages and abilities to discover your passion, gain confidence, master your instrument and thrive in a supportive community. At Stages Music Arts, you become part of a community centered around the joy and soul of making music!

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