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Bass Lessons

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You have the musical vision. We have the tools to get you there!

Our goal is to help you thrive on your musical journey and grow your abilities in a fun and supportive environment! Our professional mentors will have you playing the music you love from the start – no boring, repetitive music lessons here. Find your voice, experience the joy of mastering an instrument, gain confidence and have a great time! Join us today!


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“Stages manages to be both professional and like family. Everyone is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. My daughter has been in ukulele and piano lessons for over a year and has made tremendous progress. However, the best part is she looks forward to her lessons each time. Thank you, Stages!” – Audra R.

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Bass Instructors

Dave Cavalier

Drums, Guitar, Bass
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Neal Chakrabarti

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Crosby Cofod

Violin, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano

Evan Cooper

Piano, Voice, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Mini Music Makers
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Charles Simon

Guitar, Bass

Jackson Goodwin

Guitar, Violin, Voice, Bass, Piano, Drums, Mini Music Makers
Jeremy Burkett

Jeremy Burkett

Bass, Guitar
Ian Trusheim

Ian Trusheim

Bass, Music Production
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Conor Brendan

Conor Brendan

Voice, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Songwriting
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Paul Tokarz

Paul Tokarz

Guitar, Bass
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to have prior bass knowledge?

No prior knowledge is necessary! While some experience with bass may give students a head start, our instructors are ready and able to start students from scratch and teach them all the basic knowledge they need to get started.

What is the best age to start playing bass?

Any age is a great age to start learning an instrument! Studies have shown that learning an instrument can increase children’s academic performance and critical thinking. And for those in their later years, learning an instrument is a great way to keep the brain sharp. For students as young as age 4, we offer Mini Music Makers, one-on-one lessons in which students get to have fun experimenting with drums, piano, ukulele and voice while learning about basic music concepts. The ukulele is a great precursor to bass – the smaller, nylon strings are easier on the fingers, and a lot of the skills translate to bass.

Do I need to own a bass or can Stages provide one?

While Stages can provide loaner basses on occasion, it is highly recommended students have their own bass. This ensures students can practice at home between their weekly lessons and can get comfortable on their instrument.

Have additional questions?

We’re happy to provide more information about lessons. Please give us a call at (443) 353-5300, email info@stagesmusicarts.com, or use our contact form.

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30-Minute Lessons
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