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Evan Cooper

Piano, Voice, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums

Evan Cooper is a multi- instrumentalist, performer, and educator living in Baltimore, Maryland. He is primarily a pianist and vocalist, with additional experience performing and recording on electric bass, guitar, and drums. Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, Evan took private piano lessons from age five until age twelve, at which time he began performing in local groups, playing guitar, singing, and recording. Continuing to develop in a variety of musical contexts, Evan began studying with local guitarist Bryan Ewald at the School of Rock in Baltimore, Maryland. Bryan would become one of Evan’s earliest mentors in music, teaching him music theory, improvisation, ear training, and more. Performing Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk, and Soul in local venues from an early age, Evan became interested in Jazz music, and enrolled in Broadneck High School’s Big Band in 2008. Listening, performing, and studying under Bryan Ewald, Jeff Kleintob, Jim Dorsey, and Jeremy Ragsdale, Evan became interested in pursuing music as a career, and applied to college programs to further develop his musicianship.

Evan began his studies at Towson University in 2012, and graduated with a bachelors in Jazz/Commercial piano performance in 2016. Studying under jazz pianist Tim Murphy, and concert pianist Reynaldo Reyes, Evan was pushed to develop his sight reading, improvisational skills, and technique on the piano. Other studies at Towson University included pipe organ, harpsichord, Jazz voice, and orchestral conducting. Other important teachers and mentors include Dave Ballou, Sara Jones, Drew Gress, Julien Beichou, Marc Bellassai, and many more.

After graduating, Evan has continued to perform and teach full time. He currently teaches at the Park School of Baltimore, Prince George’s Community College, Stages Music Arts, and out of his private residence in Baltimore, Maryland. Evan performs in a variety of contexts – jazz groups, original groups, classical performances/accompaniment, restaurants, weddings, and private events. He leads his own groups, playing original music composed by himself and others. Evan will continue to develop his musical passion through performing, educating, composing, and collaborating with others.

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