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Student Spotlight: Ivy Eskridge

Student Spotlight Ivy Eskridge

October’s Student Spotlight is a passionate young singer and piano player named Ivy Eskridge. Ivy was nominated because she “always works above and beyond” and displays tremendous passion for such a young student. Ivy is a fearless performer and really shines when she takes the stage.

Ivy’s teacher says she is “Ivy is ready for the next challenge. She loves learning new things and always tries her best. She is a caring and compassionate student who will persevere until she accomplishes her goals. It’s always a pleasure working with Ivy, her passion is inspiring to those around her, and she does so much with a smile on her face!”

Read on to learn more about this future superstar from Stages Music Arts!

What do you study and why did you pick that instrument?

I play piano and vocals. Honestly I didn’t pick it, my mom did. I have been into music and she thought it would be best. Now I have learned so much that I can’t stop. 

Who is your teacher and what do you love about them?

My teacher is Ms. Shannon and I love how she pushes me to my limit and will let me relax if I am not feeling good. I also love how Ms.Shannon is kind and never judges you. I loved when she introduced me to an app that makes songs. 

What kind of music do like to listen to or play? Recent favorite artist?

I love rock – normally I sing it but there aren’t many rock songs on piano – so I also sing pop. My favorite artist is Victoria Justice.

What’s your favorite thing about Stages or do you have a favorite Stages memory?

My favorite memory was when I first came in and Ms. Shannon was so nice and called me smart because I knew a lot of things about music.

What are your musical goals? What is one of our non-music related goals?

My music goal is to become a young but successful musician and singer like Olivia Rodrigo. My non-music goal is to be an architect.

Tell us a favorite fun fact about yourself NOT related to music.

I am good at soccer and art. I won 3rd place in my first art contest. And for soccer I am a goalie.

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