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Why Should I Participate in a Recital?

Why should I participate in a recital?


3. ENJOY RECOGNITION – Learning to play music requires many hours of solo work. Recitals give students an opportunity to share their hard work with others and enjoy well-deserved recognition for all those hours of practice.

4. SELF-REFLECTION – Recitals provide an opportunity for students to reflect upon how far they have come by watching beginning students and appreciating their progress. 

5. PRACTICE DEALING WITH ANXIETY – Nervousness is something all musicians experience! Early experience successfully facing and overcoming the anxiety of playing in front of others gives children confidence in music and life.

6. SHARE YOUR HARD WORK – Recitals offer a chance for friends and family to be involved in your child’s music education and provide the opportunity to show off their hard work with the people they love and for your musician to receive genuine praise and recognition of their efforts. 

7. FEELING OF BELONGING – Private music lessons are usually an individual affair. Gathering together with other students and sharing music helps to build community within a studio and gives students a feeling of belonging, increasing interest in lessons. 

8. ENJOY A LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE – Children – especially the youngest students – rarely get a chance to hear live music! Recitals are a wonderful, family-friendly place for your child to hear a variety of music and enjoy the experience of live music. 

9. PRACTICE PLAYING THROUGH MISTAKES – Mistakes are an inevitable part of playing music – no matter how good you are, we all make them! With practice playing through your mistakes, you come to see they aren’t the end of the world and learn how to deal with them, push through, recover and carry on.

10. INSPIRATION – Beginning and intermediate students will be inspired by watching more advanced musicians perform, which is the best way to motivate student musicians to continue to practice and invest in their own musical goals. 


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