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June Student Spotlight: Leia Felsen

Our June 2024 Student Spotlight highlights a young athlete & musician Leia Felsen. Leia is a student of Matthew Borzymowski, who says he nomiated her because of her creativity and determination. 

Leia is extremely creative and very determined when she sets her mind to a goal and learning a piece. She has performed in three recitals over the last year and I’m very excited to see her continued determination in taking advantage of performance opportunities and learning as much as possible. 

Matthew BorzymowskiStages Instructor

What do you study and why did you pick that instrument?

Here at Stages I study the guitar. I chose the guitar because it sounded fascinating to learn how to play. I was especially inspired by my cousin, who has known how to play guitar for 10 years.

Who is your teacher and what do you love about them?

My teacher is Matthew Boryzmowski and I like that he lets me pick what songs I want to play. I don’t have to follow a book.

What kind of music do you listen to or play? Who is one of your favorite artists?

I like to play classical music, such as Fur Elise. I like to play songs that I hear in movies such as Harry Potter and I am currently learning how to play “Hello, Goodbye” by a famous group, The Beatles. Overall, the songs that I play have a varied musical genre.

What has been your greatest musical challenge?

I have had some trouble learning different strategies on guitar, but after a lot of practice. I learned all sorts of ways to play my instrument, better.

What’s your favorite thing about Stages or do you have a favorite Stages memory?

At Stages I like that you can be yourself and that the teachers here are very supportive and they help you reach new goals.

What are your musical goals? What is one of your non music related goals?

One of my musical goals is to learn various songs on guitar, and to become a very good player. One of my non-music related goals is to be good at skiing and biking.                                                                        

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself not related to music.

Outside of guitar, I like to ski, read, practice viola, and do track and field on my free time. An interesting fact about me is that my family and I travel a lot. My family comes from a small country in Eastern Europe called Slovakia. While we are there, usually over the summer. We also visit other countries close to Slovakia. I have been to Paris, Prague, Budapest, Sweden, and even London.

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