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Our large live rooms are perfect for recording your next single, album or video. Our live rooms can accommodate large groups, with two isolation booths for vocals, horns and other musicians, with perfect sight lines around the entire room and to the control room. For piano or string tracking or overdubs, our performance hall links to the control rooms in Studio A and Studio B.


From one of our control rooms, you can mix through the console, utilizing the outboard processing, or mix in-the-box utilizing software and our extensive collection of plug-ins from brands such as Universal Audio (complete set of plugins utilizing an Octo card) or Waves. You can come mix your project in person, or send us your tracks!


This is the final step in any recording process. Mastering will make your music sound finished and professional, ready for radio play and promotion. Send us your mixed tracks and an engineer will put their finishing touches on it, including compression, equalization, stereo-widening and more, to make it sound the best it can.

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Editing and Vocal Tuning

Some projects require a little extra TLC, which we’re happy to offer here at Stages in the form of editing vocals and vocal tuning. Using professional software called Celemony Melodyne, we can touch up vocal takes to give them the best tuning possible with no audible artifacts. You’re welcome to attend a vocal editing session or send your tracks to Stages, and our engineers can perform this editing wizardry.

Video Recording/Editing

Looking to put your music into a professional video? At Stages, we can shoot your video in any number of areas at our facility – a recording studio, the performance hall, a lounge, the lobby, outside on the patio or the outside stage. From music videos to demonstration programs to video blogs, we can record whatever your needs are with pristine audio and video. Our video producers can edit and finalize your video, adding graphics, title pages, overlays and other effects.

Private Rehearsals

For a heightened private rehearsal experience, rent one of our beautiful studio live rooms. Designed for superior acoustics, these rooms are 33’ by 23’ with 16-foot ceilings. The rehearsal package comes with a PA for vocals, mics, direct boxes and a Mackie mixer; a full drum kit, bass amplifier, guitar amps and Nord Stage 2 keyboard with amp. Enjoy the adjoining green room with a couch, chairs, and big screen TV, attached kitchenette and private bathroom.

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