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Electronic Music Production

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Explore your passion for creativity, technology & music in Baltimore’s only Electronic Music Production program!

Now enrolling students ages 12+ in group classes. Learn to design sounds, write songs and mix/produce original music in Ableton Live. No instrument experience necessary!



• 🖥️ Rolling admission – start anytime!

• 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Limited to 8 students per class

• 🎛️ Weekly 90-minute classes

• 🎛️ State-of-the-art computer lab

• 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Personalized instruction 

• 🎶 $150 per month

• 🎧 15-week sessions end with final listening party




Monday or Wednesday 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Wednesday 7:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Thursday 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Thursday 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Thursday 7:00-8:30 p.m.













Why Choose Stages Music Arts for Electronic Music Production?

When it comes to music education, Stages Music Arts stands out as Baltimore’s premier music school. Our instructors have curated a highly detailed 4-level curriculum for any aspiring beat-makers or producers to deep dive into Ableton Live!

With a track record of excellence and a commitment to nurturing talent, we have earned a reputation as the go-to destination for aspiring music producers in the area.

Open to Ages 12 and Up – No Experience Necessary!

Our classes are open to anyone interested in learning more about computers, technology, music, and creativity. No musical or instrumental experience is necessary. Join us, and let your passion for music and technology flourish!

Comprehensive Electronic Music Education

From the technology to the techniques, our expert instructors will teach you everything you need to know to start or progress on your electronic music journey. You’ll learn how to use a DAW (digital audio workstation software), write songs, design sounds, mix/produce it all, and then perform for family and friends.

Explore Diverse Genres

We offer the knowledge and tools needed to make genres like Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, Pop, House, Dubstep, Bass Music, and beyond. With the right tools, you’ll be free to bring your own unique style to these genres or break the mold and invent your own. You bring the passion, interest, and excitement, and we’ll handle the rest. The only limit is your imagination!

Structured Courses for Success

All of our courses are structured around the phases of music production: Songwriting, Sound Design, Arrangement, Mixing, Performance, Musicianship, and Appreciation. To learn more about the different phases of music production and what each one is about, check out the categories below.

15-Week Program with a Grand Finale Listening Party

Immerse yourself in our 15-week program, culminating in a grand finale listening party to share your songs, showcase your skills and celebrate your journey with family and friends.












What will I learn?

Our 4 Level Curriculum teaches Ableton Live! and details the following concepts:


DAW Concepts

As an electronic music producer, the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the primary instrument. It contains many other devices inside it that all add up to make the ultimate tool for making any music the mind can imagine. This knowledge category goes deep into the how’s, what’s and why’s of operating a DAW.  Making beats, using effects, recording vocals – it’s all in the DAW.  Learn the concepts, tools and techniques to develop finished tracks to share with family, friends and the world.

Student playing piano

Songwriting/Idea Creation

Songwriting is the very foundation for making music. Music is about telling an emotional story. This skill set is about knowing how to create interesting ideas that will turn into epic, inspiring songs! Learn how to write beats, hooks, melodies, harmonies, bass-lines, and all of the parts that will work together to tell YOUR story and be enjoyable to listen to.

Ableton wavetable

Sound Design

In today’s electronic music world, it’s truly possible to make any sound the mind can imagine – and even ones it can’t. This skill set is about crafting unique sounds with stunning detail that bring a song to life with movement and character – while taking listeners somewhere they never expected.

Ableton Live


After a song is written, designed and arranged, it’s time to make it all sound as pleasing to the ear as possible. This skill set teaches students the fundamentals of engineering their own music to sound professional and powerful. This is called Mixing, and is an absolutely essential step in making music ready to share, play and perform. Students will learn how to identify what makes a mix sound great and use tools to make their own music standout. 



The greatest tool a producer can have is an understanding of how music really works. This skill set teaches the fundamentals of music theory throughout the program, allowing students to think, listen and create using them. This integrated approach guides future musicians to have a more comprehensive and empowered creative experience. 

Arrangement and automation

Arrangement & Automation

Arrangement deals with how to organize great musical ideas in a way that tells the story a song wants to tell.  Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intro, Outro – these are all components of most songs you’ve ever heard. This skillset teaches the fundamentals of  building tension, climax, and excitement while making the most of your ideas so they can evolve and change over time.

Student uses a launchpad

Performance & Controllerism

After music has been carefully crafted, it’s time to perform it! Students will learn a variety of approaches to perform, improvise and deliver their compositions in a live music situation.  These skills include using hands-on instruments and controllers to reinterpret, layer and manipulate musical ideas, turning them into something that is new, exciting and fresh every time. 


Appreciation & History

Electronic music has been through a fascinating and colorful history to get where it is now. Many advancements in not only the technology but also the culture have brought composers, producers, DJ’s, and sound designers to the incredible era we know today.  From the hip-hop foundational MPC drum machine to the latest bass-creating plugins like Serum, this knowledge category sheds light on where electronic music has been and is going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in the Electronic Music Production classes?

Our classes are open to individuals aged 12 and up who have an interest in computers, technology, music, and creativity. No prior musical or instrumental experience is required.

What will I learn in the Electronic Music Production program?

The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including using digital audio workstation software, songwriting, sound design, arrangement, mixing, performance, musicianship, and music appreciation. You’ll gain hands-on experience in creating electronic music across various genres.

How long is the Electronic Music Production program?

The program spans 15 weeks, distributed over four months. It includes structured lessons and hands-on activities to ensure a well-rounded understanding of electronic music production.

Can I bring my own unique style to the genres covered in the program?

Absolutely! Our goal is to empower you to express your creativity. Whether you want to infuse your unique style into established genres or invent something entirely new, we provide the knowledge and tools to support your individuality.

Is there a final event or showcase for students?

Yes, there is! The program concludes with a grand finale listening party where you can showcase your creations. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your achievements and share your music with family and friends.

Do I need to own specific equipment to join the classes?

While having your own equipment can be beneficial, it’s not a requirement. Our classes are designed to accommodate various setups. We’ll guide you on using digital audio workstation software and help you get started with the tools you have.

Can I ask questions and get personalized feedback from instructors?

Yes, interaction is encouraged! Our instructors are here to support your learning journey. Feel free to ask questions during classes, and you’ll receive personalized feedback to help you improve and refine your skills.

How do I enroll in the Electronic Music Production classes?

To enroll, simply click one of the buttons on this page! If you have any specific inquiries, you can reach out to our team for assistance. We look forward to having you join our electronic music community!

Have additional questions?

We’re happy to answer your questions and get you started! Give us a call at (443) 353-5300, email info@stagesmusicarts.com, or use our contact form.

What Parents Are Saying About Stages Music Arts:

I have had an amazing experience at Stages. From my incredibly knowledgeable and talented teacher Emily G, to the customer service staff (shout-out to Caitlin) - if you're in the market for voice/music lessons, I don't think you can make a better choice than Stages. Super talented teachers (and students!), incredibly helpful/responsive staff, and a beautiful, state of the art environment. 5 stars!!
Angela V
Angela V
Stages is a top notch facility. State of the art music and recording rooms and a plethora of talented instructors. I’ve been taking lessons for 2 plus years and it’s been amazing. Stage’s also continues to offer new and exciting ways to get involved each month. If you love music, you’ll love Stages!
Greg Bell
Greg Bell
I recently started taking lessons at Stages Music Arts in Baltimore and I’m so impressed with their teaching programs, amazing staff and musical community. My teacher, Evan Cooper, is not only incredibly talented, but has a gift for identifying the best teaching style and method for each student. He is kind, patient, and truly cares about each of his students. He encouraged me to join the Stages adult band program, and one year after my first lesson, I had the opportunity to perform with my Stages bandmates at a local live venue. The instructors and staff are very friendly and care very much for every student who comes through their doors. I highly recommend joining the Stages Music Arts family!
Jill W
Jill W
My daughter has taken several different lessons at Stages over the last few years. We have yet to have a bad experience. The instructors are friendly and seem to know their stuff. She is currently taking drums with Taso and has made tremendous growth. Highly recommend Stages for music lessons!
Ray Boarman
Ray Boarman
My daughter has been taking both vocal & guitar lessons for about 18 months now. We are extremely happy with the results. Stages has not only taught her how to play the guitar and helped with her singing, they have also provided opportunities for her to play and perform in the community with one of their various bands that they put together with students. Stages also hosts an open mic night periodically that also allows my child the opportunity to perform in their state of the art performance hall.
Ivan Lutwin
Ivan Lutwin
If you are looking for a "30 minutes and out" kinda place for lessons, go somewhere else. BUT, if you are looking for a community of musicians who are committed to cultivating musical growth and excellence, friendships and fun- then stages is your new tribe!
Tina Pedrotty
Tina Pedrotty
I have had two children taking guitar and other lessons since Stages first opened, and we have had excellent instructors over the years. I have referred friends’ children as well, everyone has been happy with lessons at Stages!
Laura Donegan
Laura Donegan
Stages manages to be both professional and like family. Everyone is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. My daughter has been in piano lessons for years and has made tremendous progress. They were amazing with hybrid options during the pandemic and this was so helpful!! The best part is she really looks forward to her lessons with Ms. Molly each time. Thank you, Stages!
Audra Ritchie
Audra Ritchie
I love Stages Music. I started taking guitar lessons last year and every instructor is an expert in their instrument. Sometimes more than one. The customer service is great, the facility is top notch, and the performances are great. If you love music so much you want to learn to play, I highly recommend this place.
Aisha McMillan
Aisha McMillan
Although I am an instructor at Stages Music Arts, I am also a client!!! My daughter takes voice lessons with Shannon and is having a blast. My wife and I are very pleased. I’ve also brought in my own group to record at Stages Music Arts. Dave Nachodsky is a wizard of an engineer and I would recommend his services to anyone interested in a professional recording!
Ian Trusheim
Ian Trusheim
I've been going here for drum lessons and electronic music production lessons for a year or two now, and to say that this place is awesome is an understatement. This place has taught me so many things about drumming, music production, and just music in general over the time I've been here. The facility here is so nice and professional. This place let me discover my love for music production and it's now something I do from home almost every day. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to learn how to play an instrument or how to produce music.
Isaac Lunday
Isaac Lunday
We're so happy we found Stages. Both of our children take lessons there and are learning so much and look forward to their lessons (guitar and drums) and band sessions--no arm-twisting required to get them to practice! Our daughter has been taking lessons longer, so I'll focus on her experience. She started her guitar lessons with Shannon shortly before the pandemic lockdown began, first in-person, and then virtual only for several months, and now happily back in-person again and has been for several months. Through it all, Stages and Shannon were quick to pivot to make for a seamless learning experience, even when virtual (we parents all know how tricky that can be for both teachers and students). We're amazed at how much our daughter picked up so quickly. She has really clicked with Shannon, who we just love. She has nurtured our daughter's knack for music and has really sparked her confidence as a performer. Thank you, Stages and Shannon!
Amy Lunday
Amy Lunday
Stages is a wonderful educational experience for our son-studying electric guitar under Brennan McShane for 4 years. (You rock, Brennan!) Teaching quality, environment, and professionalism at Stages Music Arts improve all the time. It’s a beautiful place composed of many parts such as a recital area, outdoor concert area, recording booths, etc., and worth asking for a tour of the building. Stages is filled with positive, energetic, and highly educated staff who really care about, and are tuned in to, their students of all ages. Note: the building is extremely clean, has a new filter system due to Covid, and staff follow all necessary measures. We highly recommend enrolling you and your child(ren) for vocal lessons and instrument lessons with the amazing instructors at Stages Music Arts.
Mary Land
Mary Land
Fantastic place to learn and grow as a musician. I have always loved to sing and finally decided to take lessons. My vocal coach (Shannon) is great and I am learning so much! I’m also trying “Adult Jam” with Mitch as a mentor...the most fun I’ve had creatively in years. State of the art facility, fantastic community of like minded people who just love music. Thank you Stages.
Nicole Dardaris
Nicole Dardaris

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