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Private Music Lessons

Transforming lives through the power of music.

At Stages Music Arts, we are dedicated to helping students of all ages and musical backgrounds achieve their goals.

Whether you want to pick up a new hobby or help your child improve their focus, our instructors will tailor their teaching specifically to you – no matter how big or small your goal is.

Build confidence, discover new passions, and unleash your creativity through the transformative power of private music lessons.

Why Take Music Lessons at Stages Music Arts?

More Than Just Lessons

We believe that music education should extend beyond the classroom, and The Stages Academy allows us to provide the resources to reach your dreams.

When you register for weekly private lessons, you become a Stages Academy Member.

This membership comes with a range of benefits in addition to your reserved weekly lesson time, including free MasterClasses and monthly workshops, discounted concert tickets, performance opportunities, and more!

Customized Curriculum

Your musical needs are unique.

Every student has individual goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. Our instructors take a personalized approach, tailoring each lesson to your specific needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned performer, our expert instructors will create a customized curriculum to help you achieve your goals.

Lessons for Everyone

At Stages Music Arts, age is just a number. We welcome students of all ages to join us on their musical adventure.

Private lessons are suitable for the whole family – from your child’s first lesson, to your teenager preparing for music school auditions, to rediscovering your passion for music.

Our experienced instructors are here to guide you towards your goals, regardless of your experience level.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our facility is specifically designed to provide the perfect environment for learning and growth.

With spacious practice rooms, professional recording studios, and a welcoming atmosphere, we’ve created a space that fosters creativity.

Each lesson room is equipped with an upright piano, a home recording studio set-up, and sophisticated music technology.

Expert Instructors

Our team of instructors is comprised of accomplished professionals who are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

With their expertise and guidance, you’ll receive personalized instruction and valuable insights into the world of music.

Performance Opportunities

We believe that performance is an integral part of the learning process.

We offer numerous opportunities throughout the year for our students to showcase their talent on stage.

From recitals and open mic nights to local competitions and community events, you’ll have the chance to grow your performance skills, gain stage experience, and share your love for music with a supportive audience.

What is The Stages Academy?

The Stages Academy is an exclusive membership held by students who are registered for weekly lessons. Stages Academy Member status provides you with…

🎵 A guaranteed 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lesson spot with your instructor

🎵 A customized curriculum 

🎵 Free MasterClasses and monthly workshops

🎵 Discounted concert tickets

🎵 Recording Studio discounts

🎵 Private Event Rental discounts

…and more!

What Parents Are Saying About Stages Music Arts:

Stages Music Arts
Based on 93 reviews
Brennan is such a good teacher! He not only demonstrates patience with Adi, but goes above and beyond in teaching her! She is so excited for her guitar lessons and always walks out of her lesson feeling so confident!
My son loves his drum lessons with taso! He has learned so much in such a short time and says he is a wonderful teacher! He is 17 so I'm not involved in the lessons at all but just the fact that my teenage son get himself there weekly and does all of the practicing of his own accord speaks volumes!
Our son has learned a lot -- and enjoyed -- both Electronic Music Production and drum lessons with Jason over the past 3 years.
A fabulous facility with talented instructors and friendly staff. As an adult student, I've received consistently excellent lessons from Shannon Czapla and look forward to making music every week!
My daughter has been working with Molly for a few years and absolutely adores her! She started with the guitar and has transitioned to the piano. Molly is always encouraging her and boosting her confidence. My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons, never wanting to miss one. Everyone we have come into contact with at Stages has been kind and professional. We highly recommend Stages Music Arts!
I've been taking guitar lessons with Paul Tokars, and I've learned more in these 3 months than I typically do in a year. He is insanely good at guitar solo improvisation, which is really fun to listen to during our lessons and motivates me to get better at it myself. He's very attentive to the type of music I like and explains the theory behind the things we practice. He has a good memory and cares a lot about my progress. I'm really excited to keep learning from him.
Evan Cooper is one of the most talented musicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. He has a wonderful way of making music and music theory understandable and accessible to anyone. I started with Piano lessons and moved to Bass lessons and he was able to teach both. Really a warm and caring teacher and I'm so lucky to have found both Evan and Stages. As an adult student, my lessons have become required therapy for a stressful life!! So happy to have this place, so close to home as an outlet for creativity and growth. Thanks Evan and Stages!
Emily is such a wonderful teacher! I’ve been taking lessons for over a year now and I’ve improved so much because of her help. The facility is also super nice. Such a great find!
I have had an amazing experience at Stages. From my incredibly knowledgeable and talented teacher Emily G, to the customer service staff (shout-out to Caitlin) - if you're in the market for voice/music lessons, I don't think you can make a better choice than Stages. Super talented teachers (and students!), incredibly helpful/responsive staff, and a beautiful, state of the art environment. 5 stars!!
Stages is a top notch facility. State of the art music and recording rooms and a plethora of talented instructors. I’ve been taking lessons for 2 plus years and it’s been amazing. Stage’s also continues to offer new and exciting ways to get involved each month. If you love music, you’ll love Stages!
I recently started taking lessons at Stages Music Arts in Baltimore and I’m so impressed with their teaching programs, amazing staff and musical community. My teacher, Evan Cooper, is not only incredibly talented, but has a gift for identifying the best teaching style and method for each student. He is kind, patient, and truly cares about each of his students. He encouraged me to join the Stages adult band program, and one year after my first lesson, I had the opportunity to perform with my Stages bandmates at a local live venue. The instructors and staff are very friendly and care very much for every student who comes through their doors. I highly recommend joining the Stages Music Arts family!
My daughter has taken several different lessons at Stages over the last few years. We have yet to have a bad experience. The instructors are friendly and seem to know their stuff. She is currently taking drums with Taso and has made tremendous growth. Highly recommend Stages for music lessons!
My daughter has been taking both vocal & guitar lessons for about 18 months now. We are extremely happy with the results. Stages has not only taught her how to play the guitar and helped with her singing, they have also provided opportunities for her to play and perform in the community with one of their various bands that they put together with students. Stages also hosts an open mic night periodically that also allows my child the opportunity to perform in their state of the art performance hall.
If you are looking for a "30 minutes and out" kinda place for lessons, go somewhere else. BUT, if you are looking for a community of musicians who are committed to cultivating musical growth and excellence, friendships and fun- then stages is your new tribe!
I have had two children taking guitar and other lessons since Stages first opened, and we have had excellent instructors over the years. I have referred friends’ children as well, everyone has been happy with lessons at Stages!
Stages manages to be both professional and like family. Everyone is courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. My daughter has been in piano lessons for years and has made tremendous progress. They were amazing with hybrid options during the pandemic and this was so helpful!! The best part is she really looks forward to her lessons with Ms. Molly each time. Thank you, Stages!
I love Stages Music. I started taking guitar lessons last year and every instructor is an expert in their instrument. Sometimes more than one. The customer service is great, the facility is top notch, and the performances are great. If you love music so much you want to learn to play, I highly recommend this place.
Although I am an instructor at Stages Music Arts, I am also a client!!! My daughter takes voice lessons with Shannon and is having a blast. My wife and I are very pleased. I’ve also brought in my own group to record at Stages Music Arts. Dave Nachodsky is a wizard of an engineer and I would recommend his services to anyone interested in a professional recording!
I've been going here for drum lessons and electronic music production lessons for a year or two now, and to say that this place is awesome is an understatement. This place has taught me so many things about drumming, music production, and just music in general over the time I've been here. The facility here is so nice and professional. This place let me discover my love for music production and it's now something I do from home almost every day. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to learn how to play an instrument or how to produce music.

Meet Our Instructors

Our highly-skilled instructors are industry professionals who are ready to share their passion for music with students of all ages and skills.

Explore our instructors and find your perfect match!

Our Students in Action

Check out our students' original songs, recorded and filmed in our studios!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the lessons, and how often should I take them?

Lessons are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments, depending on your preference and availability.

The frequency of lessons can be customized based on your goals and schedule.

Most students choose to have lessons once a week to maintain consistency and receive the benefits of Stages Academy membership.

What instruments do you teach?

We have instructors that specialize in guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice, ukulele, songwriting, woodwinds, strings, brass, and Electronic Music Production.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to start lessons?

No prior experience or knowledge is required!

Our instructors will guide you from the basics to advanced techniques, helping you develop your skills regardless of your starting point.

What will I learn in my lessons?

Your lessons will cover a wide range of topics, music theory, technique, reading, improvisation and performance skills.

Our structured curriculum ensures that you receive a comprehensive education in all aspects of musical development.

Can I choose the songs I want to learn?

Absolutely! We encourage our students to explore various genres and choose songs that resonate with them.

Your instructor will work with you to select songs that align with your style and goals while also providing opportunities to challenge and expand your abilities.

Have additional questions?

We’re happy to answer your questions and get you started! Give us a call at (443) 353-5300, email info@stagesmusicarts.com, or use our contact form.

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