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Student Spotlight: Katelyn Marshall

Student playing bass live on stage

December Student Spotlight

December’s student spotlight is Stages super star Katelyn Marshall. Katelyn is a student of instructor Brennan McShane and has been an exemplary student and a shining ambassador of Stages for several years.

According to Brennan, “Katelyn has a natural gift for music and is always eager to accept new challenges. She draws inspiration from a diverse palette of musical styles and has blossomed as a multi-instrumentalist over the years learning guitar, bass, piano, voice, and percussion. From composing and recording ferociously fast and driving punk rock riffs with her band to nailing intricate funk bass lines to playing in a number of diverse ensembles at Stages, at her church, and in her school’s music programs, Katelyn is always looking for more opportunities to play and get involved. She is a regular at Stages workshops and camps and is always an enthusiastic student and bandmate.”  

Rock on Katelyn!! Read on to learn more about this incredibly talented teen from Stages Music Arts!

What do you study and why did you pick that instrument?

“I study guitar, bass, piano, and drums and started with piano.  After that, I quickly switched to guitar and now mostly play bass. Additionally, I also play the drums in my high school concert band and jazz band.”

Who is your teacher and what do you love about them?

“Brennan is my main teacher. He’s amazing and the most encouraging person. I am currently working with Ian in both of my bands and have also worked with Shannon at different camps. They are both awesome, everyone at Stages is.”

What kind of music do like to listen to or play? Recent favorite artist?

“I love to play funk on the bass and I listen to a lot of different types of music. Recently I’ve been listening to Vulfpeck, Green Day and Foo Fighters.”

What’s your favorite thing about Stages or do you have a favorite Stages memory?

“It’s hard to have one favorite memory when I’ve been coming to Stages 3 times a week for the past many years! I love being onstage, it’s so much fun. I’ve also made so many close friends through Stages, it’s like a second home to me. All of the camps in the summer are really fun! I’ve done rock camp and songwriting camp a bunch of times. You haven’t fully experienced Stages until you’ve been there 5 hours a day for a week straight.”

What are your musical goals? What is one of your non-music related goals?

“One of my main musical goals is to make the Stages All Access band. I also want to play more gigs outside of Stages with my band, Mother Forte. My dream is to have a career as a musician. In the meantime, my goals are just to do well in school, be a good person, and contribute to my community in different ways.”

Tell us a favorite fun fact about yourself NOT related to music.

“Besides Stages, my other home away from home is Ocean City, NJ where I like to surf and hang out at the record stores.”

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