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Why Private Music Lessons Work

Why Private Music Lessons Work

If you have considered getting signed up for private music lessons online or face to face, but have been on the fence about it, we would like to explore more about the benefits. Maybe you’ve only recently taken up your instrument, or perhaps you have been playing for several years and feel you need a little boost. Either way, private lessons can really help to take your performance and playing to the next level! At Stages Music Arts, we wanted to look at a few reasons for why private music lessons work.

Improved Playing

While this might seem a little obvious, nothing improves one’s playing quite like taking private lessons. If your child is enrolled in a band or orchestra at their school, but their grasp on their instrument seems to be stagnant, it could just mean they need a little more one-on-one attention. In a school setting, this can be difficult to achieve because of the size of the class or the student to teacher ratio. Think of it as if your child was falling behind in a subject such as math or English. You would likely hire a tutor to help them catch up and coach them through any roadblocks. A private music teacher will do the same thing.

With playing an instrument, there are so many nuances and factors that can affect playing. This could include difficulty keeping rhythm, struggling with hand eye coordination, or even a lack of proper breath control. A private music teacher will work to pinpoint these issues and provide direct feedback and support. 

Better Motivation

Whenever we struggle with a task or concept, it’s difficult to stay motivated and see it through. It is only natural to feel discouraged, and these emotions are amplified with children. If you have been playing for a few years and feel stuck in a rut, it’s a hard thing to shake. Either of these scenarios might prompt you to step away from playing altogether. The good news is, however, private music lessons can really help!

Here at Stages Music Arts, our instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and have all the tools to assist you or your child to get back on track. There are a multitude of techniques that can motivate someone who is struggling. They will work hard to come up with a plan of action to make music feel fun again!

A Closer Look at Music Theory

Music theory is another important aspect of taking private lessons. Sometimes in larger groups, such as the school band or orchestra, there isn’t as much time to really explore music theory or how to apply it when playing. Especially when there is a larger quantity of students, teachers have to focus on getting their students to play cohesively in time for a performance or competition.

When enrolling in private music lessons, you find some instructors will take the time to touch on various concepts, such as sight reading, how chords work together, composition, and more advanced techniques for their chosen instrument. Music theory is something that will be applicable all across your musical journey. 

Less Frustration

Do you remember in school when one student would struggle with a math concept while standing up at the board and it would delay the entire lesson plan? If that child was ever you, you know full well how frustrating and even embarrassing it can be. It felt great once you got the problem right, but the process was less than ideal, especially with an entire group watching. 

For many music students they face similar challenges. While working as a band or ensemble, it can frustrate to be the only person in the setting unable to keep up or grasp a particular piece or concept. Where frustration might motivate some, it only serves to discourage most. Whether you take private music lessons online or face to face, they will provide an excellent opportunity to work through any hiccups in a focused, private setting. This sort of environment will take the pressure off and make any student feel more at ease.

A Foundation for Success

Above all else, private music lessons are there to lay the foundation for success. Thanks to this one-on-one attention, the music student will get a better understanding of their instrument, the fundamentals, as well as a better grasp on music theory. These lessons will also improve confidence, allowing even daily practice to feel more fruitful. After just a few lessons, you will see an improvement in playing. 

In Conclusion

When it comes time to take private music lessons online or face to face, know that you are enrolling in something that truly works. The skills and knowledge that you will gain from your instructor are invaluable. Not only that, but the confidence and motivation will also prove to be a real fundamental change. You will be glad you enrolled. 

About Stages Music Arts

Our mission is to help you find your unique voice by playing the music you love from the start. We strive to inspire students of all ages and abilities to discover your passion, gain confidence, master your instrument and thrive in a supportive community. At Stages Music Arts, you become part of a community centered around the joy and soul of making music!

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