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Soundwave Scholars: Isaac Lunday

soundwave scholars: isaac lunday

“Soundwave Scholars” is a new series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

This month, we turn the spotlight to Isaac Lunday, student of Jason Cohen. At only 13 years old, Isaac is a well-rounded student who is strongly involved in the Stages community. He has participated in EMP, drum lessons, and band programs, consistently impressing his instructors and peers. 

Check out Isaac’s new track, which he discusses in his interview below ahead of his debut album, “CRAWL SPACE”.

Which artists or producers served as inspirations for this track? Can you highlight any elements in your work that were influenced by them?

My track is inspired by the rage scene of underground hip-hop at the moment, which is characterized by its heavy synth sounds, hard-hitting percussion, and generally fast tempos, which all combine to make a very energetic sound, hence the name “rage.”

The genre is pioneered by rappers like Playboi Carti, who work with producers like F1LTHY to make the rage sound. Some other producers who work in the genre include BNYX and Pi’erre Bourne, both of whom are some of my favorite producers.

On my track itself, the “chorus” (in quotation marks since the track is instrumental) takes inspiration from this genre and its producers to become what it is.

There’s also a part with influence from both the rage scene and drill scene of modern hip-hop, where I kind of just took the common drum pattern of most drill songs and put a synth pattern similar to the chorus on top of it. 

How has your skill set has evolved through Electronic Music Production classes, and which areas of your production have seen the most significant growth?

After completing music production classes, I feel like my skill set has just improved all around, mostly when it comes to being comfortable with the software I’m using and using that comfortability to reach the extent of my creativity and push myself beyond my limits.

For now, I’m putting my focus on playing in bands at Stages and leaving music production as something to do at home, so I can teach myself more about things like sound design and music theory.

What is your favorite part of Electronic Music Production at Stages?

I really like showing off my tracks, since I think it’s cool to show people what you make. I also like answering people’s questions they have for me to boost my self-esteem.

Most importantly though, I just love music production in general and am always excited to go visit the studio and work on a track.

Could you provide insight into any upcoming tracks or projects that have been shaped by your experiences and learning in class?

Sure! Right now, I can confirm I have a full-length album in the works, titled “CRAWL SPACE.” I can’t show too much under self-induced embargo, but I can tell you that the album has production inspired by the same producers I mentioned earlier, as well as Metro Boomin, JPEGMAFIA, and Travis Scott.

I can also confirm that the track I played at my last listening party will be included on the album, as well as some of my older tracks. However, since most of my older tracks don’t fit the theme of my album, I’ll either include them on a deluxe version or as bonus tracks.

I hope to release the album sometime next year, maybe even on streaming services if my parents let me.

What do you hope to do with music in the future?

I hope I can make music production a full-time job, since it’s a hobby I’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for a long time.

I want it as a job so I can enjoy half of my waking hours, instead of leaving all my hopes and dreams at the front door of an office building. Also, I’ve heard it even pays well, which is a big priority in today’s economy.

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