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Soundwave Scholars: Eyan Varacalle-Goetz

“Soundwave Scholars” is a series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

This month, we are highlighting Eyan Varacalle-Goetz, a student of Jason Cohen who has excelled in his Electronic Music Production studies. Read on to learn about Eyan’s creative process, lessons he’s learned, and more. 

Check out his original track, “Free Flow”, here

How did you get started with Electronic Music Production?

I first got started with Electronic Music Production when I saw videos online about it in 2020. I then got Ableton on my computer for Christmas, and eventually started learning how to produce music with Mr. Jason. 

What are the most important skills you’ve learned in your lessons?

From my lessons, I’ve learned how to find the right tempo, key, and instruments I can use to make a song sound as fitting as possible for the genre it is. I also learned the skills I need to bring balance and my own special touch to the music I make.

Through my lessons, I have been able to learn a variety of both technical and creative skills. For example, I learned lots of music theory to understand the fundamentals of what makes a song good. Additionally, I incorporate things I have learned and try to put them into use each time I make a new track. Even if it doesn’t sound good at first, there is still lots to learn from experimentation. 

What aspects of Electronic Music Production do you find most challenging?

The aspects of producing music that I find the most challenging is fine tuning and mixing to make everything balanced and sound good. 

How have your EMP classes influenced your style and approach?

Jason has helped me learn my own style and taught me to approach Music Production by starting with an idea and building upon it to eventually create something you are proud of.

Some advice my teacher has given that has stuck with me are energy levels, transitions throughout songs, and taking breaks to listen with a fresh mindset after working for awhile.

What are your long-term musical goals?

In the future, I hope to create an entire album of music that I can publish for anyone to access. I want to make the best songs I can and put my work out there for others to hear.

How has your understanding of Electronic Music Production evolved since you started?

Since I started, I have improved tremendously. At first, I made quick 15-30 second bits and pieces of potential song ideas with no real intention of turning those ideas into something great. Now, I can easily stick to an idea and continue to work until I like the way something sounds. Also, I began working at a much faster pace as I got more comfortable with using Ableton, which allowed me to make better songs, and more songs.

What inspires your creative process when working on a new track?

When working on a new track, I get inspired by songs that I listen to as a starting point for my songs. I usually make a catchy melody first, and then work from there.

How do you overcome creative blocks during production?

I overcome creative blocks I face in my production by switching what instrument I am working on, switching to a new idea/song, or taking a break entirely so I can have an open mind to change anything I did not think about beforehand.

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