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Meet the Artists Behind “Tales from the Nightingales”

Ahead of the “Tales from the Nightingales” concert on Friday, April 12th, let’s take a look at the artists making the event possible: Empris and Catherine Savage. The two Baltimore-natives will each bring their own unique sound to the evening of lyrical storytelling and ethereal instruments. 

Empris started playing guitar at 14 years old and discovered her ability to passionately sing while strumming chords on the guitar. She ended up falling in love with playing the electric guitar because of the tone and warmth it adds to her vocals. Her influences in music are mainly indie rock bands like Young The Giant, Phoenix, The 1975, and Bastille.

Her band, Empris & The Gems, showcases a mixture of original songs and arrangements of covers from indie rock, pop, and folk artists. The band was formed in Spring of 2023 consisting of three string instruments, two vocalists, and a story to tell.

Catherine Savage writes to understand and be understood. Drawing from reality and fiction alike, Savage’s EP “Back Problems” combines the folk-rock sound of Sharon Van Etten with the narrative-driven lyricism of artists like Laura Marling and Joanna Newsom. Performing songs that take the listener from the rocky Cascades to Dolly Parton’s childhood home, Savage seeks to explore her capacity to love, to shapeshift beneath another’s gaze, and to find herself again in the act of gazing back.



As opener, Catherine Savage will invite listeners to peel back the gauze of growing pains, revealing all the joy and jest love has to offer. Her songs invite the listener to take part in creating meaning.


Join us in our sonically exquisite Julian S. Smith Performance Hall on April 12th to see Emrpis & Catherine Savage bring “Tales from the Nightingales” to life. The intimate space is limited to 60 seats, so get your tickets now!


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