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Soundwave Scholars: Lucas Broomell

“Soundwave Scholars” is a series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

November’s spotlight turns to Lucas Broomell, a student of Jason Cohen. Lucas is a young producer who has impressed his instructor, family, and peers with his talent.

In this Q&A, he shares his creative influences, plans for the future, and discusses his original song, “Red 40“.

Which specific artists or producers served as inspirations for this track? Can you highlight any elements that were influenced by them?

For me, the producer Pierre Bourne has influenced most of the tracks I have made, including this one.

Some parts that were influenced by Pierre include the soft, melodic synths in the first part. Along with that, I’m pretty sure (not positive) that we used the same drums.

The energy found in the latter half of the song was influenced by Pierre’s more energetic productions.

How has your skill set has evolved through Electronic Music Production classes?

My production capabilities have evolved greatly since taking the classes. Specifically, my mixing abilities have improved massively, which makes my music sound much clearer.

I also think my, for a lack of a better term, cinematic abilities have improved, such as changing elements and adding transitions within the song.

What are your favorite things about Electronic Music Production at Stages?

I would say the part of my classes at Stages that I have liked the most is the community; meeting new people who have the same interests as me… producing music is pretty cool.

What do you hope to do with music in the future?

I hope, in the future, to collaborate with other artists, maybe even as a career.

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