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Soundwave Scholars: Nasir Farrakhan

“Soundwave Scholars” is a series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

This month’s nominee is Nasir Farrakhan, an EMP student of Jason Cohen who has created an original song, “Vocal Memo Phonk“. 

Read on to learn about Nasir’s creative process and upcoming projects.

How did you first get started with Electronic Music Production?

I started in 2020. I just had a thought to make the music I listened to in a style different than just piano and trumpet. I found a DAW by Spotify, and the rest is history.

What inspires your creative process when working on a new track?

Random music I’ll listen to, and my friends. I have a playlist dedicated to going into crazy directions. For example, going from Rock to Brazilian Phonk to Jersey Club to J-pop, and it keeps going. One of my friends had a random playlist too, so hearing some of the music he plays makes it more interesting and makes me more interested.

Are there specific artists or producers who have had a significant impact on your work?

  • Alan Walker
  • J. Cole
  • Metro Booming
  • HR
  • Irokz
  • Shonci
  • Maaui Yahweh ll
  • FIFA Soundtracks
  • VaporGod
  • Kanii
  • Metal Gear Rising Soundtracks
  • Monstercat
  • Rocket League Soundtracks
  • Lil Tjay
  • Nueki

How have your EMP classes influenced your style and approach?

Quite a bit of influence. From the crazy sounds of synths to the lead guitar, it’s two completely different styles that can cosign together and I love it.

Can you share a specific project where you applied something you learned in your lessons?

At the time, I had recently gotten the Ableton Push and learning the timings and functions of it was fun. Mr. Jason taught me how to use the MACROS and volume control. It made it more convenient than reaching to the keyboard.

What are your long-term goals in music production?

I hope to have made a career out of it. Helping bigger artists in the background, working on my craft, and having a small community of people who enjoy it.

Can you share your social media handles or any platforms where people can find your music?

At the moment, I am uploading everything on my SoundCloud and occasional videos on YouTube, but I hope to expand onto Spotify this year.

Nasir’s SoundCloud

Nasir’s YouTube

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