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March Student Spotlight: Clara Breitenfeldt

March brings sunshine and warmth, so it’s fitting that our March Student Spotlight is on a young piano student who embodies those qualities! Clara Breitenfeldt is 11 years old and studies piano with Emily Gradowski. When explaining why she nominated Clara, Emily says She is so energetic and she always pushes herself to do better. She is amazing and an inspiration to me.

Read on to learn more about Clara in her own words…

What is your instrument and why did you pick it?

I study piano. I picked piano because I I thought it would be a fun instrument to play and my Granny told me to do it. And now when I hear pieces of music I think of the piano.

Who is your teacher and what do you love about them?

My teacher is Ms. Emily. I love her because she is patient with my practices. She lets my express myself by letting me be weird and be myself. She is the best teacher and my favorite teacher out of all of my previous piano teachers, school teachers and gymnastics coaches.

What kind of music do you like to listen to and play?

My favorite type of music is dark, creepy and fast music. I like playing songs that have a lot to them, not slow but quick and persistent with different notes that makes the melody pop. My favorite artist is always changing, but I like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Stephanie Mabey and the Dubliners.

What has been your greatest musical challenge?

My greatest musical challenge was playing the piano at the spring concert. I got so nervous I was shaking and I could not play the right notes during the concert even though I can play the song really well. I think I just had major stage fright, I believe I could have done it better if I had not tried to play a song I had also composed. Next time I perform I will just pick a song.

What’s your favorite thing about Stages?

My favorite thing about Stages is the office behind the front desk. Ms. Emily lets me go inside to help her print my scale sheets. My favorite Stages memory was being in the summer band and performing in the concert. I liked the fun of picking songs and playing them for people.

What are your musical goals? What’s a non-musical goal you have?

Some of my music goals are to play faster songs and get better at sight reading. Plus playing on my left hand and sight reading the bass clef. A non-musical goal is to earn a 9.5 on every gymnastics event by the time the gymnastics competitive season is over.

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself not related to music.

One fun fact about me is that I have moved three times in my life and lived in four different states.

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