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Stages Student Spotlight: Lucy Lunday

Stages Student Spotlight: Lucy Lunday

Stages is proud to introduce our new Student Spotlight Series where we highlight students – as nominated by their teachers – who are exceptionally hard working and dedicated to their craft! First up, let us introduce you to Lucy Lunday!

Lucy was nominated by her teacher Shannon Czapla because “she always pushes herself to reach new heights just out of her love and curiosity for music.” According to Shannon, Lucy comes to every lesson prepared and always reflects on each lesson from the previous week. She’s a go getter and a passionate guitarist who inspires Shannon to work hard and try new things. Read on to learn more about Lucy Lunday!

What do you study and why did you pick that instrument?

I study the guitar. I chose to study this instrument because I have always loved how versatile it is, and how you can eventually come to learn very complex parts in songs that require a great level of attention-to-detail, with enough skill and mastery. I really love how much you can do with it, and how many different musical paths you can venture on with it.

Who is your teacher and what do you love about them?

I have worked with Shannon Czapla for about two and a half years now, and I have determined that she is a beyond amazing person to have as a teacher. She is always able to meet people at their level, whether novice, intermediate, or advanced, and always offers them the exact kind of help they need to grow and succeed at whatever instrument they play. Regardless of whether a student is five years old, ten years old, a teenager, or an adult, independent or dependent when learning, she’s always able to effectively teach them and give them the confidence they need to improve.

What kind of music do you like to listen to or play? Recent favorite artist?

I enjoy playing, listening, and learning about the classic rock, blues rock, folk rock, funk, and soul genres of music the most above all other genres. I have recently been listening to The Allman Brothers Band, Stevie Wonder, Derek & The Dominos, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Boston to name a few groups/artists that I have found myself listening to excessively as of recently.

What’s your favorite thing about Stages?

My favorite thing about Stages and the people who are a part of the Stages organization is how they always put a great amount of effort in the coordination of every program they offer. Whether participating in lessons, bands, EMP, group classes, workshops, song writing, or recording, students always gain significant amounts of growth and experience, and part of that is because of the truly passionate staff who work for the organization.

What are your musical goals? What is one of your non-music related goals?

My main musical goals are to become a proficient and well-rounded guitarist in most styles, have a broad understanding of music theory, compose my own music, and to have a great amount of knowledge about most known artists and the industry of music. I also want to continue playing flute outside of Stages, which I have been playing for six years. One of my non-music related goals is to remain a straight-A student in school.

Tell us a favorite fun fact about yourself not related to music.

If I had been born on my due-date, I would share a birthday with Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page.

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