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Career Ideas for Musicians

For many musicians, being able to perform music as a career is the dream. However, there are several other music-related jobs that are just as creatively fulfilling as being a full-time, gigging musician. Let’s take a look at a few career paths for music lovers.

Instrument Technician

An instrument technician is someone with a plethora of knowledge of musical equipment and instruments. These specialists may work for a music venue, a touring band, a university – there are several employment opportunities.

A typical day for an instrument technician consists of installing, diagnosing, and repairing instruments and equipment. If you gravitate towards the technicalities of your instrument, this career might interest you!

Music Therapist

Music therapy is a treatment that uses music and music-related activities as a tool for healing. These patients may be children, people suffering from injuries or disabilities, or adults suffering from mental health problems. 

Degrees in this area are becoming more popular, with many universities offering music therapy undergraduate and graduate programs. Therapists trained in music therapy have the options of working for themselves, for a hospital, for a therapy practice, or for a nursing home, to name a few. 

Music Producer

The ultimate goal of a music producer is that the creative visions of everyone involved in a project are accomplished. They oversee the songwriting, arrangement, and recording processes, working closely with musicians and engineers.

Music producers may work for a label or studio. Successful producers are driven, detail-oriented, and patient. The ability to work well with others is perhaps the most important skill for a producer.

Recording Engineer

Engineers of this specialty are responsible for the process and finished product of a recording session. Recording engineers are experts in acoustics and studio gear, including microphones and DAWs. 

The recording engineer’s role in the recording process includes setting up equipment, perfecting the tracking of each instrument, managing volume levels, and sometimes, mixing and/or mastering the tracks.

Music Teacher

Teaching music is a versatile path for musicians. Jobs are available at public schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, music schools, or through freelance work. 

Being a music teacher is a meaningful and important job that musicians can do to expand their own musical knowledge while sharing it with others.


The overall job of a composer is to write original music. A composer’s clients could include an orchestra, musical group, band, or musician.

Another type of composer is one that creates music for video games, films, television shows, or commercials. The composer may perform their pieces themselves or have another musician or group perform it.

Music Journalist

A music journalist’s job is to write about all things music. This could include writing a feature on an artist or band, reviewing concerts or albums, interviewing musicians, or reporting on music-related news. 

Music journalists could work for a magazine, publication, or news outlet. Freelance work is another possibility for these writers. Having a vast knowledge of music, along with strong writing and interpersonal skills, is important for this career.

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