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How to Get Involved & Make Connections in the Music Scene

How to Get Involved & Make Connections in the Music Scene

Whether you are a musician trying to find gigs, someone looking for a new hobby, or a music lover wanting to feel more connected to the scene, there are several ways to achieve your musical goals. Engaging with your local music community can lead to work opportunities, friendships, creative endeavors, and overall, fun experiences. 


Just like any other goal, the most important step is to get started. Try any one of these steps (in any order), and you might be surprised at the progress you make towards achieving your goal!

1. See Live Music 

One of the best ways to experience the local music scene is by attending live shows. Going to local shows is a great way to meet people, hear new music, and check out venues. Shows provide the perfect opportunity to network– musicians, fans, sound engineers, photographers– you never know who you might meet! If you’re looking for gigs, watching live performances allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere and the behind-the-scenes.

2. Stay Up to Date

Social media is growing into a music community of its own. Following your newly-discovered venues, artists, and musical friends online is an easy way to connect. This helps you not only to show your support for local venues and artists, but to stay connected and hear about new projects or upcoming shows. If you create musical content of your own, this could even help you be seen by the venues and artists you follow!

3. Start or Join a Band

Regardless of your experience level or long-term musical goals, joining a band is an excellent way to jump into the music scene. Our band programs are led by instructors, making the band a learning experience while still being a way to meet people, practice, and perform live! Rehearsing in a group provides camaraderie, communication skills, and valuable practice time.

4. Volunteer

Finding ways to volunteer your time shows your commitment to helping and being involved. Volunteering involves working with others, making it a great way to make connections. It is also a good strategy to learn sound design, setting up equipment, ticket sales, or other skills that are desirable in the music scene.

5. Take Lessons!

Taking music lessons is one of the best ways to achieve your musical goals. Working with an instructor individually allows you to focus on your personal objectives, find musical mentorship, and strengthen your playing. Weekly lessons help you build a routine and encourage consistent practice and musical growth under the guidance of your instructor.


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