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Introducing Matt Halpern: Master of Groove

Matt Halpern is an internationally esteemed drummer and educator. Luckily for us, he is also from Baltimore! Ahead of his “Anyone Can Groove” MasterClass on June 8th, let’s take a look at his impressive career. 

In 2009, Matt Halpern joined Grammy-nominated progressive metal group Periphery. The D.C. based band is well-known for their progressive metal and djent style. 

Matt Halpern’s drum playthrough of “Garden In The Bones” from the album Periphery IV: HAIL STAN.

In 2016, Halpern teamed up with his Periphery bandmates, Adam “Nolly” Getgood and Misha Mansoor, to develop GetGood Drums, “the result of Nolly and Matt’s obsession with drums”. The software is an approachable, easy to use, and sample-based drum synthesizer. 

“Anyone can play the drums and anyone can groove. It’s a lot more accessible and a lot easier than you think. And that’s the key – don’t overthink it! Drums and groove are all around us – you just have to know where to look,”. This is the mission of the “Anyone Can Groove” MasterClass, a two-hour learning experience from the expertise of Matt Halpern. 

Join us in our sonically exquisite Julian S. Smith Performance Hall on June 8th to learn from groove master Matt Halpern. The intimate space is limited to 60 seats, so get your tickets now!


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