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Meet Callum: A Q&A with the Artist

Callum Toner is an Ocean City-native singer-songwriter who has been on four national tours with bands including Coldplay and Foreigner. She has amassed over 150,000 streams on her original music, which includes three singles and an EP. She has been on two tours of her own and has performed at several music festivals. Most impressive of all– she’s accomplished these career milestones at age 16

We sat down with Callum ahead of her return to Stages, The “You Know Who” Tour, where she will perform her debut EP here at Stages on March 22nd. Check out this Q&A with the teen indie-pop sensation and get your tickets for the tour, which will feature our very own Taylor O’Connell as an opener!

What is your favorite song from your debut EP, “You Know Who”?

My personal favorite is “Told Ya (I Was A Fool)”, it’s currently my favorite I have written to date. It’s about the feeling of not being given the proper attention you deserve from your partner, hence the “(I Was A Fool)”.

Which artist or band was the most influential during the creation of this EP?

That’s a tough question, because some of these songs I had written previously with “I Don’t Need You” being the newest. During the creation of this EP, I would say I was listening to a lot of The Neighborhood, FINNEAS, Amy Winehouse, and Billie Eilish.

If you could collaborate with anyone musically, who would it be?

I think FINNEAS, he’s been my biggest inspiration to get into music initially, but I think a Pheobe Bridgers collaboration would be cool too!


What is your favorite thing about making music? 

Everything for me revolves around the lyrics, lyrics are the most important part of a song for me, so I would suppose songwriting.

Do you have any new projects in the works? 

I do have projects in the works! Another EP and full-length that I’m really excited about!

To learn more about Callum, visit her website. For tickets to The “You Know Who” Tour, click here


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