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Soundwave Scholars: Lukas Scheidle

“Soundwave Scholars” is a series in which we highlight original music created by Electronic Music Production students.

For March, we are shining the spotlight onto Lukas Scheidle, a student of Jason Cohen who is already creating his own music at age 10! Read on to learn more about this young producer, including what inspires him, what challenges him, and what’s next for him.

Check out his original track, “New Beats”, here

How did you get started with Electronic Music Production?

I started playing drums with Jason Cohen.  He then introduced me to Electronic Music and I got very interested.

Can you share some highlights or key moments from your lessons?

It is exciting to start new tracks and see how they change and how they end.

What aspects of Music Production do you find most challenging or rewarding?

Finding the right sound can be challenging.  Arranging tracks and figuring out their order is a challenge as well, but so rewarding when it feels right.

How have your EMP classes influenced your style and approach?

Jason is so knowledgeable and has taught me how to arrange and make different styles of music.

What are your long-term production goals?

My current goal is to finish the album I have been working on.  My long-term goal is to continue to create tracks.

Are there any genres you want to explore more deeply?

Chill and ambient music intrigues me.

What are some key technical or creative skills you’ve gained through your lessons?

Being able to create melodies that work well with the overall piece I am creating.

Tell us about a specific project where you applied something you learned in your lessons.

My last track, “Subaquatic Flow”, has a lot of EQ and modifications I have been learning about most recently.

How has your understanding of Electronic Music Production evolved since you started?

I can now create beats that sound so much better with greater detail, and I am able to do so much more overall since starting at the age of 6.

What inspires your creative process when working on a new track?

Finding a sound that pleases me motivates me to build around it.

Are there non-musical influences that find their way into your music?

Beat-boxing is inspiring and still musical.

How do you overcome creative blocks during production?

I stay determined but when a track gets too confused, I tend to want to start from scratch and that’s ok.

Can you share your social media handles or any platforms where people can find your music?

You can find me as Dsquirrel on Spotify.  I’m looking forward to releasing a full album soon.

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