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Benefits of Being a Multi-Instrumentalist

Why learn only one instrument when you could master a multitude? Read on to learn about the advantages of being a multi-instrumentalist. 

Improves Group Playing Skills

When you have the experience of playing different instruments, you can better understand the thought processes of the musicians you’re playing with, whether it’s in a band or just for fun.

Having exposure to another instrument allows you to see other musicians’ perspectives more easily.

Unlocks New Opportunities

Being proficient in two instruments doubles your gig opportunities! You now provide two services to bands and venues who could potentially hire you, which strengthens your chances of landing a new gig.

Boosts Your Brain

Playing different instruments triggers different areas of your brain. Therefore, when you know how to play more than one, you are strengthening multiple regions of your brain.

Drumming, for example, involves more problem-solving, while guitar requires more intuition (Mic Magazine).

Creative Freedom

As an artist creating original music, playing multiple instruments gives you the opportunity to perform different parts exactly as you envision them, without having to outsource to another person.

This allows you to experiment, analyze, and revise your music more freely and in alignment with your personal vision.

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